Save Money Shopping Online With These Tips

save money online shopping
Over 80% of Americans shop for all of their purchases online. About 15% of Americans shop online for purchases every single week. In 2015, online shoppers spent over $350 billion in online purchases. That equates to about 10% of all retail commerce. Shoppers who use Apple computers spend an average of $230 per online order, while PC users spend an average of $190. There’s a lot of money shopping...

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Dangerous and Expensive: Why You Might Not Want to Take a Cruise

are cruises dangerous
I have been on various one-day cruise voyages in my life, and I was not impressed by them. Boats are not level as they travel, and floors can become angled. The swaying of the ship didn’t agree with me. I don’t swim and always thought of what I would do if the ship sank or ran aground. Many people seem to enjoy taking multiple-day cruise vacation packages, but I just don’t see the appeal in...

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Are Fast Loans Online Legit? Here’s What You Should Know

fast loans online
Whether you need to pay an unexpected bill quickly or you have another emergency you need funds for, fast loans online can seem to be a godsend. However, are they legit? Here’s what you should know before you apply for a loan online. The Online Lender Typically, private individuals or businesses offer online loans through a third-party website facilitator. There are online financial lending...

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You Won’t Believe How Much Money Is Wasted On Unused Gift Cards

unused gift cards
Even though most people are loath to admit it, though some do willingly, we waste things as a sign or status. Or, pride. It may be due to utter obliviousness as well. Or worse, just because we can. When I was a child, it was popular for people to complain about gifts they didn’t want and then throw them away — like Christmas fruit cakes or sweaters. I quite like fruit cakes, so I never understood...

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