Cutting down your hydro or electrical bill

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When I received our hydro bill last month, I nearly had a heart attack.  $160+ for two freaking months!?  In all my apartment and condo-dwelling days, my bill has rarely exceeded $40 for two months.  I called the hydro company to check in case there was a mistake but no… it was indeed $160 and change.  Sigh.   Photograph by jonlk, used under Creative Commons ( There’s...

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The benefits of a second job

benefits of a second job, part-time job, side hustle
For many people, the thought of working more than they have to is an alien concept.  But making more money is the easiest way to give yourself a financial boost, especially if it’s in a field that you enjoy or done during a time where you wouldn’t be doing anything anyways – you can even make money at parties! I’m working this Sunday at the the research centre.  I’ve...

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Updates: January 8 – 14

Winter is making a valiant effort to stick around for awhile on the West Coast. We had the unfortunate timing of heading home last night in the snow, except it wasn’t really snow. Picture big, floating drops of rain and wet pavement. I advise sticking indoors and checking out these excellent articles! Mr. Money Mustache explores The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Early Retirement. The biggest...

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How to make a budget that works

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A lot of people I know have been starting first jobs lately.  And first jobs means… more beer first budget!  Well, maybe it doesn’t mean that to most people and certainly not to me way back when – but getting started on a good solid budget right from the beginning will set you up for future financial success. Photo Credit: When I had my first...

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