Becoming a landlord: Maintenance

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After you get a tenant for your rental property it’s time to sit back and rake in the cash right?  Um, NO! Rental properties require a lot of work!  This work doesn’t end after you get a tenant.  It just changes into different sorts of work.  As a landlord, you need to remain proactive and vigilant. Original by Christian Schuit at Maintenance...

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Germany on a budget: Accomodation

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In about a month, Brian and I are heading to Germany for a 3 week trip.  I’m super excited.  The trip is entirely paid for in cash – though I won’t go into the details here. We’ve planned the trip down to the last dollar and have really tried to maximize experiences and value. Over the next few posts, I’m going to talk about some of the tricks and tips we’ve used.Cheap...

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Updates: May 15-21

Sooooo getting back from Seattle on Monday, coupled with new job, coupled with the class I’m taking, coupled with Brian being away on business means that I was a bad, bad blogger this week.  :/  I’ve even been procrastinating about replying to comments left on some of my freelancing gigs.  *hangs head* I do have a few blogs “in-progress” so I’ll be getting those up...

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My $1000 back to school budget

back to school budget, budget for college, budgeting
So I’ve been a little busy the last few weeks and neglecting the blog! One excuse – I’m back at the university full time to finish up the last year of my 2nd degree program. Going back to school without going back into debt meant massive savings and massive budgeting. Currently, I have enough saved to pay for tuition plus the next two months of living expenses. I have enough guaranteed...

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