Family and finances

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I have a cousin in Ontario who is a year younger than me. She’s always been lucky.  I remember that as children, I used to visit her family’s house a lot.  She always had the most toys and the latest gadgets.  I used to be quite jealous.  Then as young adults, her parents paid for her to go to university while I struggled to navigate living on my own, student loans, and credit card...

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Turning a $6 ham into 24 meals

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I bought a ham.  And it is the most glorious ham ever.  Why?  It cost me only $6 for 6lbs of it. Here’s how it fed me and Brian: Note: Some common calculations:Eggs are ~20 cents/egg given $2.40 a dozen Slice of cheese ~15 cents given a 400g-450g block for $4.29, and I get about 6 slices from 100g Rice ~30 cents/pot, assuming I make a pot of rice every day and a half and knowing that a 40lb...

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Update: Aug 28 – Sept 3

Brian and I are moving in a month so this is sort of the lull before the storm.  We’ve packed up most of our crap already so we’re hoping so a smooth move. Meanwhile, my siblings and mother were just recently in Toronto visiting relatives.  They reported that my cousin (who is a year younger than me) is apparently claiming to be in school 7 days a week for upwards of 12 hours a day. ...

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I want to start a business

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Is it possible to be motivated by your own site? CF had a great post (if I do say so myself) earlier this week about living your dream. I’ve realized, that while I’m happy and somewhat complacent in my current position, I do not have a basic enthusiasm for the subject matter or have any personal investment in the results of my labour. Nevertheless, I am grateful to be employed; a family...

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