Updates: September 16 – 22

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Another week and another harvest from the garden. It’s well into September, but the weather has been nice enough to yield quite a good crop this year. Our tumbler tomatoes on the balcony are just about done, but there are still a number of ripening juliet and lemon boy (below) on the vine at the garden. We’re having a harvest party tomorrow and learning how to put our garden ‘to bed’ for the winter. I don’t think it will be ready for that for another month! I guess we’re making up for the very rainy June we had – September always seems to be nicer.


We also transplanted two of our four kale plants to the garden, after deploying a healthy dose of CF’s bug and cat spray to deal with an aphid problem. The mystery plant is still growing but not providing any hints as to what it might be. It basically looks like a larger version of the seedling, so there is still plenty of time to cast your vote in our contest!

Here’s some blog reading around the web this week:

  • Frugal Portland talks about parking at the airport.  I hate parking at the airport – and so does she!  But could it cost less than other options?  Here in Vancouver, we have the Canada Line train which goes from downtown to the airport.
  •  How will you take care of your parents as they age?  I thought I had everything set – my parents aren’t even elderly yet!  But a possible job loss may cause havoc… we’ll see how it pans out.  Jason at Work Save Live has suggestions for taking care of your elderly parents.
  •  Brian and I are in the middle of condo shopping, and boy would it be nice to get a duplex for $50k in Vancouver!  Instead, we can only watch enviously as Mrs.PoP at Planting Our Pennies explains how they did it  😉
  •  Here’s a new blog we’ve been reading, Frugal Rules.  I liked John’s post about budgeting.  Important take-away: budgeting is not a burden.  A good budget is freedom.
  • Continuing on with his weekly blogging tips, Jeremy at Modest Money talks about Catering Your Blog to Your Readership. Half the time I think our readership consists of purely other bloggers, but then my mom makes a comment about an article over the phone – thanks mom!
  • I think I used to be a grocery store snob…or else I didn’t know any better. Canadian Budget Binder shared an amusing exchange with a co-worker over shopping at No Frills. Ever since we implemented the $100 grocery budget, we shop exclusively at stores like No Frills, T&T and Superstore. No shame in that!
  • Add Vodka shares some Tips on Living in a Bad Neighborhood. I think these tips make good common sense anywhere in a densely populated area, just because you’re in a good neighborhood doesn’t mean bad things don’t happen.


And a big thank you to all those who included us this week!


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  1. Thanks for the mention Brian. That’s great that the garden is still going strong. It’s looking like fall weather is upon us though. So it’s probably time to call it quits on the garden soon.

  2. Thanks so much for the mention Brian. Our garden has been producing some as well lately. With all the heat that we’ve had this summer, our peppers just went crazy. We can’t seem to keep up with them, with is a good problem to have I guess. Have a great weekend.

  3. Wow a $100 Grocery Budget..good for you. I must go read more with that link you provided. I would love to have you post your shops in The Grocery Game… I’m nosey that way but I like to see how others stick to their grocery budget. Thanks for the link love mate… enjoy putting the garden to bed.. I’m doing the exact same thing…I’ll miss it! Cheers Mr.CBB

  4. Thank you for including me! We haven’t had any success with our tomatoes. I don’t think we get enough sun on our balcony. They end up staying green or yellow ish for pretty much their entire lives.

  5. Thanks for the mention! I also love reading about your guys’ gardening. Now, if only I could keep my cactus alive.

  6. Liquid says:

    Appreciate the mention. First time I’ve seen them kind of tomatoes. I can see why it’s called a lemon boy. Ah, it’s already Sunday night. Where did the weekend go? (0_o)

  7. Big thanks for the mention! Those are some pretty nice tomatoes and I have absolutely no idea what your mystery plant is. Depending on the new house that we buy, I may encourage my wife to start a garden again. We’ve not had good luck though…maybe I just need to do some more research?

  8. Dang it when will that mystery plant reveal???

    Thanks for all the reading!

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