Seven Apps That Will Help You Take Control of Your Personal Finances

These days there is an app for everything. There are apps to help you keep fit, there are apps that teach you how to read music, there are apps that teach you to drive; if you can think it, there is a good chance there is an app for it! Some of the best and most popular apps, however, show you how to save money, particularly when it comes to areas such as home loans, life insurance and running a car....

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Should You Go With Forex Loyal Brokers Only?

One of the first things a new investor ought to do when selecting an online broker is to check the broker’s ratings and popular endorsements.  This goes a long way toward establishing how that firm conducts business and treats the customer.  But there is more to it than that, and new investors should be aware of to look for next.  While a popular firm based in the islands, Loyal Forex offers several...

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Four Retirement Planning Tips for Nurses

The healthcare career landscape is evolving, and that includes the nursing profession. Demand for nurses is strong and possibly growing, especially for experienced professionals. As you think about your retirement prospects in the coming years, here are four things to keep in mind. 1. Further Your Training If you haven’t done it already, one key step to taking your nursing career to the next...

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7 Money Saving Hacks for College Students

College students are notoriously poor. Here are seven fairly easy hacks that save you tons of money annually and still boost fun and healthy living. Become a Specimen Image via Flickr by US Army Africa Lots of colleges need people for research projects. These paid jobs offer a lot of diversity and opportunity for college students to earn income. The amount you earn varies from one study to the next....

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