How to Set Goals for 2015 When Your Past Resolutions Failed

How to Set 2015 Goals
It’s that time of year again. One holiday down and the other’s are quickly approaching. We’re spending more money than usual on gifts, decor, and entertaining. Our clothes are slowly getting tighter from holiday party food binges. And the closing of another year inspires us to make resolutions. In the back of our minds we’re vowing to take control of our finances, weight, or...

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Settlement Buyouts: What You Need To Know

If you are currently receiving a structured settlement and you need a significant amount of money to handle a difficult financial situation, there are companies available that can help you get the cash you need. These companies will offer you a settlement buyout, where you sell your settlement payment rights in exchange for a large lump sum of money. These settlements often include monthly payments...

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Mistakes that Caused My First Side Hustle to Flop

side hustle mistakes
I’ll be the first one to admit I failed at my first side hustle big time. Thankfully I identified my errors before too much of my time was wasted. Here’s some back story. Dog walking was my first go around as a side hustling queen. Before this first side job my main source of income since 16 years old had been punching some sort of clock. I searched for a side hustle that was low pressure...

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Trading Made Fun

Fancy yourself as a trader? We’ve all dreamt of making it big in the city. Trading stocks and shares by the billion before sailing off into the sunset on a big yacht is a cliché, but at least it’s a good one. The good news is that at least one part of that scenario is easier, more accessible and less expensive than you might think – at least for UK-based wannabe millionaires. Have you heard...

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