Mega List of Cheap Hobbies

When you’re trying to cut expenses and live well on less, expenses for your wants are almost always reduced or eliminated first. Personally, I have an issue with this because there’s nothing wrong with having wants. While needs will be prioritized over wants most of the time, it’s important to make sure you’re not miserable while you’re on your road to financial success....

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5 Tips to Improve Your Credit Score This Year

Today, my credit score is almost 800. I opened my first credit card during college and have always made my payments on time. Slowly, I’ve added more credit cards but I’ve always used them responsibly or opted not to use them at all. I also have student loans I’m paying back along with a small personal loan I’m paying on with my husband. That’s it. That is the entirety of...

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How to Maintain and Achieve Your Financial Goals

We’re almost halfway through the year which means it’s the perfect time to check in on your financial goals, see where you stand, and review your progress. Financial goals are the key foundation to achieving financial stability. If you don’t set goals, you won’t be able to save 6-months worth of expenses in your emergency fund, pay off debt, or save up for a downpayment on a new house....

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3 Ways to Get Financing for your Small Business

While sufficient cash flow is obviously important for business of all sizes, it is especially vital for small businesses that typically don’t have reserves they can tap into when revenues temporarily dry up, or the ability to raise funds through investors. And as many entrepreneurs have discovered, applying for a conventional bank loan, maxing out on credit cards, or trying to push through a “friends...

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