Homemade Iced Tea – A Cool Summer Drink

The summer time is the hottest time of the year. People are finding their own ways to beat the heat yet enjoy summer at the same time. Lounging at the pool, going to the beach or going out to get that ice cream cone. Another way to cool down without busting your budget is to make homemade iced tea. It only has 5 ingredients and has less sugar and has no preservatives that powdered iced teas sell at...

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Healthy Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

The summer heat is already unbearable. Cooling down regularly seems like a good idea but having that ice cream every day may not seem ideal to you or your health. Never been a smoothie drinker? This healthy strawberry smoothie recipe might just change your mind. It is quick and easy to prepare and it only has 6 ingredients. Strawberry smoothies are delicious on its own but it can also be the perfect...

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