Personal Reflection – I Stayed in My Old Job for Far Too Long and Stunted My Potential

Don’t quit your job on a whim. I am not suggesting that you should quit your job, disrupt your income flow and ability to pay your bills, and upend your life because you feel like it. This is not a decision to take lightly. However, as I personally reflect upon on my life, I regret not leaving my previous jobs when I had the chance. I spent too much time coasting, participating in the rat race,...

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Top 4 Gem Investments

Do you know that diamonds are essentially worthless? You must know that if you want to invest in precious gems. Such an idea goes against our basic programming because we have been essentially programmed to believe that diamonds are, “rare,” and valuable when nothing could be further from the truth. Diamonds are not a wise investment because they don’t accrue in value and you can never resell...

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Personal Reflection – I Was Financially Unprepared for My First Apartment

I wrote about this topic before, but I wanted to go into greater detail about my mistakes in renting. Owning a home is the American ideal. However, most people settle for renting an apartment. Still, even that isn’t easy for most to do. The average studio apartment in New York City, Manhattan specifically, costs $2,550-a-month. Meanwhile, about 43% of Americans can barely afford their rent and bills. People...

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Examples of Fraudulent Real Estate Practices

Have you ever found yourself ignoring a nagging feeling that you’re being scammed? The situation being presented to you may be just too good to be true. Or, the facilitator presenting the deal is just a little too politely aggressive, which they ostensibly claim is for your sake. Many of us have gone through these motions right before becoming the victim of real estate fraud. If it has happened...

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