Money Pit Projects That Lowers Your Home’s Value

The American dream is to own a home, but the American hustle is to sell high and make an appreciable profit. For most Americans, the average price of a new home is about $380,000. Meanwhile, one out of every four homes lose some appreciable value. Some homes lose value due to the unpredictability of the housing market. Sometimes in life we cause our own worst suffering. Like with home renovation....

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Deceptively Hidden Travel Fees to Watch Out For

What I am learning as I get older is that the real enjoyment that you get out of a vacation comes more from budgeting and not spending spontaneously. For most American family budgets, only about 2% is allocated for family vacations annually. The average cost for a family of four to go on a vacation is almost $5,000. Most domestic plane tickets cost about $400 while an international plane ticket costs...

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Business Franchises You Can Launch For Less Than $15K

I have yet to realize my own dream of starting a business. It just isn’t as easy to do as people may think. Additionally, the only thing that may be harder than launching a business is keeping it open long-term. And, profiting from it. One way that you can get into the business game relatively easy is through franchising. Unfortunately, the average startup costs for most franchise businesses is...

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These Bad Habits Are Making Your Dentist Rich

I grind my teeth. It is an awful, uncontrollable habit that I do whenever I am asleep. For many years, my jaws would grind against each other as hard as possible. I only realized it recently as I was waking up with horrifying, pain-pulsing toothaches. It’s funny how we can become Sherlocks of the self only out of necessity. I noticed that these toothaches would erupt in intensity, and wake me up,...

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