A reader’s view: The evolution of our budget

evolution of our budget, budgeting, finances, thrifty, frugal living
This is a Guest Post By Mr. CBB who blogs at Canadian Budget Binder and aims to help people save money in their budget by motivating them to stick to a budget and say NO to spending more than they earn. Enjoy! I’ve been a saver all of my life. Back home (I’m not from Canada) I used to get points for scanning what I bought with a hand held device and would use the points to buy household...

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Taking advantage… of everything

Taking advantage, living on less, exhausting resources
Living well on less often means taking advantage of situations to the best of your ability.  I don’t mean being greedy or doing illegal things, but I do mean taking and using what’s available to you each and every time.   Getting free food For example, the office where I work is adminstered by a property management company.  Every day or so, the secretary will put out cookies and sometimes...

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