7 Advantages of Cooking with Pellet Outdoor Grills

It’s summertime and the right time to get a new grill–backyard barbecues, summer parties, and family get-togethers are just a few reasons why you may want to upgrade your grill.

Have you been thinking of switching from gas to pellets? Many veteran barbecuers have made the switch for a variety of reasons.

In this post, you’ll learn about the benefits of using pellet grills for cooking and why you should consider them.

Let’s get grilling!

7 Benefits of Cooking with Pellet Outdoor Grills

Want to know why you should consider cooking with pellet outdoor grills? Here are seven reasons that might make a difference to you.

How Pellet Outdoor Grills Cook Your Food

The process pellet grills use to cook are actually quite simple. Fuel in wood pellets is stored inside a hopper. An auger spins to the right amount of pellets from the hopper into the firepot.

When smoke and heat are created, the heat moves around in a similar fashion as a convection oven. The difference is that you can add your favorite wood smoke flavor. Cherry, peach, hickory or oak? Why not try them all.

The result: you get slow-smoked barbecue that’s tender and juicy and leaves the taste of your favorite wood flavors on your tongue.

1. They Have the Flavor and Taste of a Wood Smoker

The most important benefit of a pellet grill is taste. While you’ll discover other advantages, there’s nothing as important as the flavor made from cooking on your grill.

Expert barbecue chefs use wood for a reason: to keep customers coming back for the delicious taste. What’s great about wood pellets, as opposed to charcoal or gas, is you can change up the flavor based on the kind of wood pellets you use.

2. Simple to Operate

Another advantage of these pellet outdoor grills is they’re easy to operate. You don’t have to stay there hovering over the grill every second of the day like you would with gas.

They let you enjoy your company. Take a dive in the pool before you flip over your burgers!

Most pellet grills come with dials on them that make controlling the cooking process easier. Just set them and forget them.

Here’s the gist of how they work:

  • With most, you don’t need lighter fluid. You just press a button.
  • The temperature doesn’t fluctuate when you set it, even with changes in the weather.
  • Never worrying about flare-ups from hotspots lets you keep your eyelashes
  • You won’t have to worry about over-smoking your meat

Pellet grills make barbecuing easy. Want a brisket? Hot wings? Smoked vegetables? Juicy ribs? Pecan pie? You won’t have to spend the entire day watching the grill.

Just fill-up the hopper with your preferred pellet flavor, push the cook button and toss on your desired food. Barbecuing doesn’t get much simpler than that!

3. Pellet Grills Get Better Fuel Efficiency

A sweet thing about pellet grills is their fuel efficiency. Many pellet grills have smokers come with double insulation.

This technology keeps your food cooking at the appropriate temperatures and won’t waste fuel. It will actually conserve your fuel.

4. You Can Get a Grill and a Smoker in One

Consider getting a pellet grill with a built-in smoker. While it costs a little more, you might find it well worth the extra money. And some of these grill smokers contain stainless steel components.

They’re also made from a solid construction. Some manufacturers offer a four-year warranty.

This means you won’t have to shell out the money for a new grill every year and buy another cheap disposable grill that ends up getting tossed in the trash at the end of the summer season.

Your Old Gas Grill Won’t Compare

Gas grills can’t come close to a pellet grill when it comes to the different ways you can cook with your new grill.

With a pellet grill, you can smoke, sear, roast, and bake. This becomes easy because you’ll have precise control cooking in a wide range of temperatures from 180 degrees to 500 degrees.

It doesn’t make sense to buy a grill and a smoker when you can have a solid smoker grill in one! Imagine all the recipes you can make from steaks to burgers to brisket, to shrimp and even apple pie.

Warning: the neighbors will envy you!

6. Consistent Temperature

Just like an oven, pellet outdoor grills have a built-in dial. Pellet grills show you a temperature reading in contrast to the burner or flame intensity you get with traditional gas grills.

What’s good about this is a pellet grill gives you a specific temperature reading. Sometimes there can be a 15- to 25-degree set temperature from actual temperature difference at most. But it doesn’t vary much more than that.

The difference depends on what manufacturer makes the grill. When compared to gas grills, the temperature difference of pellet grills far outweighs gas grills.

7. Pellet Grills Can Be a Safer Cooking Option than Gas Grills

When muscle meats cook at high temperatures, they can produce carcinogenic compounds. These compounds have also been apparent in the smoke made from charcoal or wood.

But some people believe that the design of pellet grills makes a safer way to barbecue. Some of the potentially harmful smoke won’t come in contact with the food because pellet grills don’t reach the same high temperatures as other grillers do.

Are you ready to go out and get a pellet outdoor grill? Still not convinced? Need more facts? Check out these reviews.

The Bottom Line: The Benefits of Cooking with Pellet Outdoor Grills

Now you know seven advantages of pellet outdoor grills. From flavor to value to versatility and beyond, you may find them a good choice for your next grilling purchase.

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