These Bad Habits Are Making Your Dentist Rich

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I grind my teeth. It is an awful, uncontrollable habit that I do whenever I am asleep. For many years, my jaws would grind against each other as hard as possible. I only realized it recently as I was waking up with horrifying, pain-pulsing toothaches. It’s funny how we can become Sherlocks of the self only out of necessity. I noticed that these toothaches would erupt in intensity, and wake me up, whenever I laid the right side of my face on a pillow.

Over a one-month period, I managed to slowly rip a molar crown in half. All through the power of teeth grinding. I am now contemplating whether to have the tooth fixed or pulled. There is nothing cheap about a visit to the dentist. A basic oral cleaning can cost about $100. Having a tooth extracted can cost anywhere from $100 to $1,000. Things can get exponentially more expensive if you don’t have any dental insurance.

Paying out of pocket for dental work is financially impossible for most people. Its bad enough when you develop dental problems outside of your control, like teeth grinding. If you eat too much candy, or engage in bad oral health habits, then your dental problems are entirely of your own making.

Brushing Your Teeth Too Hard

As long as you brush all of your teeth thoroughly with moderately vigorous circular motions, you’re good. Just don’t brush too hard. It’s bad for your teeth to brush or scrape them too hard with extra stiff, hard toothbrush bristles. You can also cause your gums to recede over time. This will gradually cause increased gum sensitivity.  Tooth enamel is tough, but not indestructible.

If you brush too hard, you can wear them down over time. You’re fine with soft or medium grade tooth bristles.

Don’t Bite Your Nails

Most people do it out of mindless habit. Or, as a way to relax or as a gross grooming technique. Some may not even realize when they do it. When you bite your nails, you apply intense pressure to your teeth that has long term consequences. Over time, your teeth can crack or shift position.

Eating Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is basically nature’s candy. When you eat it, you get small and large particles of it stuck to your teeth. Make sure you drink water while eating it and brush afterwards. Otherwise, the naturally sugary deposits will cause cavities and tooth decay over time.

Your Teeth Are Not Tools

Many people use their teeth to tear open food packages. Or worse, as a third arm. They use them to hold heavy bags or items to optimize ferrying packages from the car to the front door. Doing such things generates intense pressure on your teeth, causes fractures, and can shift them.

Chewing Ice Cubes

Why would you chew and crunch on an ice cube? Tiny blocks of ice are very hard. Much harder than tooth enamel. Over the long-term, your teeth could crack or even break from the pressure force of chewing ice.

Take Care of Your Teeth

It takes time to unlearn bad habits. These are some bad habits you should unlearn as soon as possible. Take care of your teeth and your teeth will take care of your wallet.

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