Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses? Here are Watercolor Recommendations!

While your bridal dress is a huge part of your wedding day, there are so many other things you have to worry about along with it. People often start planning a wedding under the impression it will be easy and that you won’t have a lot to think about during the lead up to the big day. However, the opposite is true. Yet, you shouldn’t get yourself worried and anxious before you start planning, having a wedding planner or diary can help you stay organized and on top of everything.

One of the critical details of anyone’s wedding is the bridesmaids and their dresses. Most brides tend to have between 2 to 5 bridesmaids and then often a flower girl or two as well. But, there is no recommendation when it comes to how many you should have. The dresses should align with the theme of the wedding overall to ensure everything looks as amazing as you have only ever dreamed of. Below we have listed and explained some of the best watercolor recommendations you should consider if you’re stuck for ideas about bridesmaid dresses. If you’re willing to take on some of these suggestions, then feel free to do so, or you can always put your own twist on them too!

Watercolored dresses are primarily those that are lighter in tone and more geared towards the warmer months of the year. They come in all different colors, as we will discuss below, and some look super trendy too!

Pastel Floral Design

The perfect choice for a summer wedding in a hot location, if you’re getting married in somewhere exotic, then you may want to opt for a watercolored dress with pastel floral colors on it. Perhaps you may opt for a cream or ivory dress with brighter pink and blue flowers on it? It’s down to personal preference.

Blue Ocean Style

We have seen this done so many times before and it’s absolutely beautiful. This style of dress is often associated with an ombre design and incorporates a blue and white mix. There are so many different styles similar to this that you will love. Usually the darker color starts at the bottom of the dress (at the ankle), and the contrasting color is more towards the top. This is an excellent choice for any beachside wedding that needs an extra pop of color.

Mismatched Pastel Designs

If you’re opting for an odd number of bridesmaids, maybe 3 or 5, then having mismatched dresses is the way to go. It looks classy and unique, but it’s a beautiful touch on anyone’s big day! Choose a floral design, and then a plain one. Use one of the principal uses in the floral design and match it to the plain dress design and you’ve got yourself the perfect set of bridesmaids. It’s not often that people choose to do this, but it’s such a great idea.

Vintage Ivory Style

An old myth about weddings is that no one except the bride should wear white, but we aren’t talking about white here. Choose an ivory or cream plain style dress for all your best bridesmaid friends to wear. The color won’t be exactly the same meaning it looks fantastic in photos and it’s the ultimate way to show off your proud besties on your big day. You can also let them hold some pastel colored flowers, they’re stunning.

To top off this bridesmaid article, we have a short word for our in-house designer, Jessica, she works for JJ’s House and knows everything there is to know about weddings and choosing bridesmaid dresses – “Watercolored dresses are such a fashion trend these days, more and more brides are putting their bridesmaids in them. It’s a unique touch to any princess’s day!”

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