5 Games You Can Play at Your Christmas Party

sm-christmas-bingo-fanLooking to keep things interesting at your Christmas parties? Everyone knows that the easiest way to do that is to play some great games! Here are some ideas for easy-to-pull-off games that are sure to liven up the party.

Snowball Throwing Contest
If you live in an area fortunate to have a “White Christmas” and have ample room in your backyard, then you can go ahead and host a snowball throwing contest! Just set up a target on the ground using food coloring, making sure to make bright red rings for the outer circles and coloring the bullseye gold, as per tradition. Designate different points for each ring, and get started! To make things hassle-free for your guests, consider investing in a set of snowball makers!

Christmas Day Bingo
Bingo is one of those games that fits into just about any occasion. We’ve had Bridal Shower Bingo become close to a staple of bridal showers, and Free Bingo Hunter reports that various bingo sites have also started their Christmas promos as early as this month. Jamie of The Crafting Chicks has a great bingo set that’s perfect for Christmas.

Count the Ornaments
A great twist on the old “guess how many marbles are in this jar” game, Count the Ornament is a great way to get everyone in the mood for winning prizes. The way it works is you have everyone who comes into the party guess how many ornaments you have hanging on your tree. Prepare prizes for the first person to get it correctly as well as consolation prizes for anyone else who happens to make the right guess. This doesn’t just make the party more fun, but it also draws attention to your great decorations.

Christmas Gift Fact Exchange
If you’re throwing a party for a bunch of friends who don’t really know each other, this game can help you loads. At the same time, it’s a lot more fun when you play it with really good friends you’ve known for a while. Have guests bring one gift to your party, and as soon as they arrive, number the package. In a strip of paper, have the guest write down the number of their present, as well as a random fact about themselves. Once it comes time to give away the gifts, draw the strips of paper from a hat, and read the fact out loud. Have the other guests guess who the fact pertains to, and the first person to get the answer wins the present.

Two Out of Three
Ask your guests to bring a gift to the party, and when it comes time to distribute the gifts, sit around in a circle and take turns telling stories about yourselves. Each guests tells three stories about themselves, with two of them being true, and one being a lie. The other guests must then guess which of the stories is a lie, with the first to guess correctly winning the storyteller’s gift! Once they guess correctly, it’s their turn to tell stories about themselves.

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