Updates: June 9-15

June is bike month in Vancouver (and across Canada, based on a quick Google search). I don’t know where the idea initiated, but all month I’ve been seeing signs pop up like this one below.

Photo credit: daveb_ via Flickr

Photo credit: daveb_ via Flickr

Bike month is a great opportunity to trade your car for a bike when commuting to work – often it only takes a few more minutes than driving, depending on where you live. Because I have some crazy friends, one of them decided this was a good chance to issue the 1000km June challenge. The idea – ride as many km’s in June as you possibly can, ultimately with the goal of 1000km. I’m not quite that crazy, and I only live 2km from work, so while I won’t be hitting the 1000km mark, I am making some good progress (over 100km so far).

Tracking your progress can be tricky, but thankfully smartphones and GPS locators have helped solve this issue. Check out endomondo and MapMyRide for a couple of good apps that help keep you on track! As for me, I’m off to meet a couple friends and put in some good km’s this morning. It should be a leisurely ride, but a lengthy one – I’m hoping 40 or 50km!

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Thanks to everyone that included us this week:

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