Saving money on evening dresses to flatter fuller figures

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Evening wear can be some of the most expensive clothing you can buy. If you consider yourself to have a fuller figure then you may be nervous at the prospect of attending an evening function. Part of this relates to the sort of dress you could wear that is flattering for your figure and shape as well as making you look and feel great, all within budget. Here we discuss the styles of evening dress that are the most flattering as well as items that can be added to your outfit to complete a stunning look.

My new dress!

Choosing the dress

The main thing to do is to choose the dress you plan to wear. One option is to have a dress made for you, but also the most expensive. The benefits of this are the fact that you will have some input into the material, colour and style of the dress and it will have been made and fitted especially for you.

If you do intend to buy your dress ‘off the rack’ then it is important to know what suits your body shape so you can ensure that your purchase flatters your figure and makes the most of your curves. Maxi dresses are a great style that not only make you look taller but which also have a slimming effect. For the ultimate slimming effect, go for a maxi dress in a flattering colour such as black.

Dress styles from the 1950’s and 1960’s are perfectly suited to those with a fuller figure as they will pull in your waist and flatter your curves. In addition, detailing on your dress such as decorated necklines will draw attention away from the middle of your body. Wearing the correct sort of underwear is a ‘must’ and underwear that offers some sort of body control is great for wearing under a dress. Things to avoid when choosing your evening dress include shiny fabrics, bold prints and horizontal stripes.


Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

Once you have selected the ideal evening dress you will want to add some accessories to complete your look. Unless you have chosen a dress with some sort of sleeve, then whether it is summer or winter you will probably want some sort of ‘cover-up’ for your arms and shoulders. Such items could include a pashmina type shawl or alternatively a bolero cardigan or jacket, in a complementary or contrasting colour. When you have chosen what else you plan to wear, you can then choose the finishing touches. These should match your ‘cover-up’ and such items include handbags, shoes and jewellery which you should be able to locate easily.

Hopefully this has provided some useful hints and tips for the best types of dresses to buy if you have a fuller figure. If you ensure that you select the right style of dress in the right colour for you, then you are bound to look stunning and will be the ‘belle of the ball’.

Vickie Day is interested in fashion and accessories and has written many articles on fashion and related subjects. This has included providing advice and guidance to those who are looking for an evening dress for fuller figures.

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