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I’ve been saving for a new computer for some time now. A few bucks here and there, but it adds up. I do enjoy playing some computer games from time to time, and the last time that I bought a computer the full system cost me approximately $1200 including a monitor.  I knew it would cost me less this time, considering my monitor is still good, but I was still imagining somewhere in the neighborhood of $800 to get the components I want. To date, I have saved $400.

I tend to buy my computers from the local computer shops – not big box retail stores, so I’m pretty confident that I’m getting exactly what I want. The thing is, when you know exactly what you want, you also know how much it should cost. I consistently found that pre-fabricated systems from the local shop cost a couple hundred more than if I just bought the parts. So, I am setting out to build myself a new mid range gaming computer. The other consideration is that over the years certain parts have been replaced, so I may not need to get everything new. For example, my case is still perfectly fine, and my hard drive was replaced about a year ago. My power supply is also a couple of years old, but good enough and powerful enough to make do until the next round of upgrades.

Photo Credit: ctitze via Flickr

Photo Credit: ctitze via Flickr

Without getting too far into the geeky details, I determined that I needed to upgrade my motherboard, CPU and RAM.  After shopping around online, I found some well received components that fit my needs. Total cost, including shipping: $315. So, as we speak, some new computer parts are on in the mail! More details to follow as I try my hand at manually upgrading/building a computer.

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  1. eemusings says:

    I have friends who build their own computer from parts – it’s very cost effective!

  2. Think you can build me a computer as well, I’m in need. We have to get a new computer maybe this year if this PC dies on us. It’s slowing down a bit but I’ll wait until the bitter end. I don’t know how to build one so I guess I’ll have to just hit the big box stores. Thanks for the mention mate and let me know how the computer building goes. Mr.CBB

  3. Liquid says:

    If I were upgrading my PC today I would get a new graphics card, and an SSD, which is much more affordable now than in 2010. My latest build was about $3k, not including monitors. I ordered most of the components from newegg. But went to ncix for the water cooler I wanted. Thanks for the mention 😀

  4. My friend in high school would actually build computers based on personal orders/specifications from people around the country and ship it to them. He’d buy the parts for $300-600 and then sell it for double that.

    It’s a great way to make some money but also to save some! Good luck with it!

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