Grocery budget motivation

Here’s another round of grocery motivation for you $100/month grocery haters.  😉

As a reminder, Brian and I budget $100 per month per person.  This is our second shop of the month, so I took out $100 to spend.  Here’s what we got for almost exactly $50:

Photo Credit: Original photo by D Sharon Pruitt

First we hit up Shoppers Drug Mart (a retail chain which sells groceries, pharmaceuticals and health products) for a total of $10.03:

  • butter – $3.49
  • eggs – $2.29
  • organic maple syrup – $4.99
  • McCain frozen juice – $0.79
  • (various personal items)
  • Optimum points (minus $10)

The Optimum points basically paid for the personal items and I used grocery money for the remainder.


From T&T (a large supermarket chain specializing in Asian foods), a total of $31.47:

  • chicken marinade – $3.29
  • instant noodles x6 – $4
  • BBQ pork bun (part of CF’s personal allocation) – $1.50
  • 1.7kg pork side ribs (cut into ribs and sides by the butcher!) – $7
  • 4 chicken drumsticks – $1.80
  • leafy Asian greens (for soup, stir fry, etc) – $1.70
  • mushrooms – $1.50
  • 4 bananas – $0.67
  • bean sprouts – $0.18
  • 2lbs carrots – $1.49
  • 1L milk – $2.59
  • frozen shrimp dumplings – $2.79
  • 2L soy milk – $3.79
  • parking ticket (minus $1)

As you can see, we got a good mix of fresh veggies and fruit, general goods and snacks.  Having a grocery budget doesn’t meant that you can’t splurge on the occasional pork bun.  🙂  I was especially pleased with the side ribs.  The butcher cut them for us, essentially giving us proper BBQ style ribs and sides (great for soup!) at a price that was less than half the cost of regular ribs.  Score!


Next, we visited Chinatown, for a total of $7:

  • 1/2lb BBQ pork – $3
  • assorted butcher items $3
  • BBQ pork bun – $0.80 (Brian got jealous of mine and insisted on getting one as well…)


Finally, we stopped at Kin’s Farm Market (a local produce chain) for a total of $3:

  • 2 cucumbers – $1
  • bag of potatoes – $1
  • onion – $0.23

The take home message I like to emphasize is that $100/month per person is doable, healthy and enjoyable.  This whole shopping trip took us less than 2 hours.  We got a variety of meats, veggies, fruit and even a few snacks.  And we still have $50 left over for buying more fruits and veggies, milk, eggs and yogurt as needed for the remainder of the month.

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