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I’ve only been back to work one week and already it’s time for a long weekend, not a bad deal! It’s Remembrance Day in Canada on November 11 to commemorate Canadians who have lost their lives in past wars. While it’s a statutory holiday in Canada, there was much debate at work as to whether the US got the day off. I’ve determined that it is Veterans Day on Monday down south and that it’s a Federal holiday, but do most employers give the time off? I’m not sure.

Photo Credit: Via Flickr

Photo Credit: Via Flickr

In any case, enjoy the day off if you get one and check out some of these blogs:

  • Student Debt Survivor shows some frugal ways to stay warm if you live with a heat nazi!

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Liquid says:

    Thanks for the mention. Happy remembrance day :)

  2. Unfortunately my employer does not give us Veteran’s day off (which I personally find sort of off-putting as the granddaughter of 2 Veterans). Thanks for mentioning my post.

  3. Sarah says:

    It is not a statutory holiday in Canada. We don’t get a day off in Ontario. Also, I had friends from B.C. who found it strange we didn’t.

  4. I’m headed to work today, so no, most people do not get the day off :) Thanks for the share and I hope you enjoy your day off!

  5. Thanks for the mention, Brian!! Hope you enjoyed your day off. :-)

  6. Fun fact + Remembrance Day is not, in fact, a day off in all provinces, for example, Ontario.

  7. Appreciate the mention Brian…to all the Veterans, cheerz :)

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