Best Apps to Help You Save Money on Everyday Purchases

With the prices of food and everyday items rising due to inflation, consumers everywhere are feeling their budgets squeeze. There’s no doubt that coupons help bridge the gap caused by inflation in people’s budgets for everyday purchases. Even though overall food prices are rising, people are still scared off from using coupons because of outdated beliefs that couponing requires hours of time spent...

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3 Ways to Make Saving Money Fun

Summer is right around the corner which means we’re almost halfway through the year if you’re tracking the progress made on your annual financial goals. Saving money is one of the best ways to meet your short and long-term financial goals and prepare for future expenses. I must admit, financial habits and goals are much more enjoyable when you actually look forward to them and have fun...

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How to Save Money by Adopting a Simpler Lifestyle

simple lifestyle saves money, saving money by having a simple lifestyle, simpler lifestyle
Being able to save money is essential if you want to improve your financial situation. Have money saved up allows you a certain type of freedom that can feel very satisfying. I realize it’s easy for me to tell you to save more money, but I thought it would be more beneficial to actually explain how to do it especially if you already feel like you don’t have much to go around. Trust me when...

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Money-Saving Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

vehicle maintenance tips, vehicle maintenance, saving money on vehicle maintenance
Vehicle repairs are a necessity and they’re not particularly cheap either. Automobiles are extremely important for our everyday tasks. Without them, you may have to depend on other unreliable methods of transportation. When something goes wrong with your car and you have an emergency fund, you may find relief, but some vehicle repairs can be avoided with the help of timely maintenance. Here are...

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