Ashy Bines Net Worth

Do you follow celebrity’s net worths or track your own net worth for that matter. Maybe it’s just me, but seeing how other people have been able to skyrocket their careers and build wealth has always been so inspirational for me. Ashy Bines, in particular, is also a huge inspiration and a great example of how you can build up your expertise in a certain niche and turn it into a thriving...

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Five Ways Marriage Can Improve Finances

With the recent and long-awaited Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage, thousands of same-sex couples are making plans to head to altars and courthouses all over the country. They’re not alone, either–the vast majority of weddings in the United States take place during the summer months. Although there are few exceptions (more on that at a later day), for the most part, getting...

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Five Signs You Need a Financial Advisor

I recently had an interesting discussion with some coworkers about the necessity of a financial advisor. One was all for them, while the other was adamantly opposed. If you’re not sure whether or not you need a financial advisor, or if you’ve never really thought about it, here are five signs you could use some professional financial help:You have no idea what you’re doing. Maybe...

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Updates: July 21 – 27

local fireworks competitions, birthday celebration, personal financial blogs, financial blogs to read
This weekend, we’re celebrating CF’s birthday! There are a ton of events on so we’re checking out a shakespeare play, followed by the local fireworks competitions. Should be a great time and hope everyone has a great weekend! Photo Credit via Flickr Here are some of my favourite posts from the week!I was really sad when I read that Timmy the cat was no longer with us. I’d...

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