How to Negotiate Like a Pro

I recently relocated to a large city. One of the first things I learned while touring apartments, high rises, mid-rises, condos, and everything in between was this: Everything is negotiable. I never considered myself a savvy negotiator until I was signing my lease papers. As stated in my lease, I was paying $100 less each month than the advertised price, waiving $150 in “application” fees,...

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Five Reasons You Don’t Need a Financial Advisor

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 A few days ago I brought up a few of the benefits of using a financial advisor or planner. But is a financial advisor really necessary? Maybe not. Here are five reasons why you don’t need a financial advisor. 1. Many are commission-based. A number of financial advisors work on commission, making a percentage of their money on trades you may or may not need. If you’re working...

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Side Hustles You Can Start Today

I’m a firm believer that everyone has a skill, talent, or service they can offer that benefits others. So why not find that skill and make a little extra money from it? If you’ve ever found yourself thinking, “I need a side hustle,” here are some tips and ideas to get you started. Side Hustle Ideas These are tried and true side hustles you can start today for little to nothing.Pet services....

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3 Shortcuts for Saving Money Fast

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Admit it, you’ve wondered: “How do other people save money so quickly? And why do I save money at a snail’s pace?” Don’t worry, I used to ask myself the same question. It was tough for me to find the willpower to aggressively save money quickly when I enjoyed overspending. But saving is a learned skill that we can all master by making some sacrifices. And here are three...

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