Three Easy Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill

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The average American family spends roughly $150 a week on food—over $6,000 every year. For most of us, groceries eat up a large portion of our monthly budget. If you want to cut back on expenses, food is actually one of the best places to start. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); You already know that bringing your lunch with you to work instead of going out, skipping your daily...

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Four Frugal Tricks That Save You Money

Frugal Tricks That Save money, frugal living, cost cutting
Frugality is no fun, right?  People who are frugal never go out with friends, never buy a coffee, never buy anything, it seems.  They spend all their time hanging up their clothes to line dry, saving their recycling for repurposing, and washing out plastic baggies.  Right? True, some frugal people do this.  But if you’re not naturally frugal and don’t want to be extreme, there are simple...

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What can you get for $10?

What can you get, deli ham, ham sandwich, survival until pay day
It’s approaching the 15th of the month – that means that Brian and I are on our last $10 of grocery money. *cue ominous music*  Impending disaster, right?  Ramen and Kraft macaroni and cheese for all?   Photo Credit: Original photo by Accidental Hedonist via Flickr:   Wrong! You can actually get a lot for $10.  Mind...

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Recipe Idea: Simple Stir Fry

Simple Stir Fry, stir fry, vegetable stir fry
Having the most frugal grocery budget in the world isn’t going to help you and if you can’t put together at least a few healthy, tasty, and cheap eats! Every month, The Outlier Model features a cheap recipe idea, along with the cost breakdown. This is an easy weekday dinner that you can mix and match with whatever veggies and meats you have on hand.  It’s a great way to use up vegetables...

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