How to Make Time to Side Hustle

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We’ve mentioned many side hustle ideas and opportunities on Outlier Model in the past. While there’s no doubt that there’s no shortage in side hustle ideas to match your monetary needs and interests, you may find it hard to squeeze in time to do extra work on the side when you already work a full-time job. Determining how much time you have to commit to your side hustle is a crucial first step....

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College Grads: Tips for Landing Your Next Job

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Graduating college is an amazing experience. After putting in lots of hard work studying and doing homework along with cramming for finals each semester, it feels amazing to finally walk across the stage and receive the degree you’ve been working toward for so many years. The only bittersweet part about graduating college is if you don’t have a job lined up and have very little or no prospects....

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When is the Right Time to Ask for a Raise?

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Asking for a raise is not easy for some people, and can take some courage. Timing is key and most jobs give out raises around the time that reviews happen, which is between six and 12 months. A review is when you find out what your boss really thinks about your work so far and if he or she has any suggestions for improvement or important ideas to discuss. It also is a time your superiors will ask you...

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Steps to Take After Losing your Job

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Being let go at a job can be tough on anyone, especially someone with a family to support. Most jobs are not stable no matter how secure they seem. Your employer can lay off employees for various reasons at any time. Some families rely on two incomes to meet all their needs and save diligently for unexpected expenses. If you did lose your job, you have to act fast and find out ways to start earning...

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