How To Day Trade with Confidence

When you want to learn how to day trade, you need to go with the best. You need to fnd a day trading education site that will bring you everything you need to succeed, from online classes that teach trading strategies to access to veteran traders through a daily chat room environment and the ability to practice your skills in a trading simulator with virtual currency.

Warrior Trading can bring you all that. It is the most respected day trading education site on the Web. Leading industry publications laud the traders behind Warrior for providing the most up-to-date education for aspiring day traders and veteran day traders.

There are a few steps to run through if you are going to day trade with confidence. We will run through them here so you have a complete understanding of how to get started day trading.

Join a Day Trading Chat Room

Beyond the educational benefits of being a chat room with traders calling out their picks and trading at real speed, the camaraderie and brotherhood that comes with being a day trading chat room is excellent in what many would describe is a solitary industry.

At Warrior, you can get a feel for the community of interactive brokers and learn how the whole place operates. It may not be for everyone, so it makes sense to test it out.

Paper Trading

Open a paper trading demo account to get started in virtual trading simulator. You get to risk virtual currency instead of your savings and trade at the same speed as the regular market with Level 2 quotes and advanced charting.

And Warrior traders will be watching you to point out mistakes and help you get on track. You never want to start trading in the regular market until you have proven you can be profitable in a trading simulator.

Take the Classes

After learning the basics you want to get into the intensive online day trading courses. From swing trading to momentum day trading, the classes can take you through all the strategies and techniques. Once you learn to manage risk correctly and pick the right stocks, you can start looking for entries into stocks.

Then you need to fund a live account and off you go into the world of day trading. Just be sure to keep in mind that if you start below $25,000, you will need to trade on margin. You can start with $500 in an account, but your buying power will be higher– on credit. So you need to be profitable.

Check out Warrior Trading on StockTwits, so you can learn what industry insiders think of the day trading education site.

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