Best Side Hustles For College Students

office-620822_1920If I would have known everything I know now about side hustles back in college, I bet the ‘broke college student’ mentality wouldn’t have even existed for me. I had a great time in college and learned a lot. Financially, I struggled and worked a job that was very part-time between taking classes and landing a few paid and unpaid internships.

I was constantly taking out student loans to cover my butt not only so I could pay for my classes, but so I could pay for rent and other living expenses as well. Money was always low and I struggled to make it to my next pay day.

I’m sure my experience is not different from other college students. I don’t expect college students to have great-paying jobs or be rich because college is more about your education and how that builds a foundation for your career.

However, I think most people can agree it doesn’t hurt to earn a little extra money on the side during college. Around my junior year of undergrad, I started picking up side hustle opportunities like writing articles for an entertainment blog and doing virtual assistant work for my sister’s apparel company. I wish I would have made more of an effort to establish other side hustles once those opportunities ended.

If you are currently in college or have a son or daughter in college, consider side hustle opportunities that are perfect for students.


If you excel in a particular subject matter, you might want to consider tutoring. Many colleges and universities offer paid tutor positions for current students. Peer-to-peer tutoring can be very effective and a laid back way to earn some extra cash.

If you are good at writing, you can edit papers or help students organize their ideas for an assignment into an outline. If you are bilingual, you can tutor other students who are studying to learn your native language. There are so many different opportunities available when it comes to peer-to-peer tutoring.

If your school doesn’t offer any paid tutoring opportunities, you can also look to offer your tutoring services elsewhere. Other tutoring agencies in the area may hire college students to help tutor younger kids. Math is a popular tutoring subject along with reading.


Depending on where your school is located, babysitters may or may not be in high demand. It doesn’t hurt to look as ask around though. There was a campus day care center at my old university and often times, some of the student teacher’s assistants would advertise their weekend and evening babysitting services (with permission from the daycare of course) which I thought was pretty savvy.

If you live near your family or close friends who are parents you can ask them if they need a babysitter. Sites like SitterCity and are also great for professionally marketing your services.

This could be a great side hustle to consider if you have a flexible class schedule. However, if you have a rather busy schedule, you might want to pair this side hustle with another one that doesn’t require you to put in a set number of hours in order to get paid.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of my favorite side hustles because it’s so flexible. As long as you meet your deadline, you can work on articles whenever you want and you can even work from home as long as you have a laptop or computer.

I started freelance writing on the side to earn extra money during my junior year of college. My sister ran an apparel business and hired me to write a few articles each month, along with an occasional press release and newsletstudent-849825_1920ter.

I also went on Craigslist and found a gig writing articles for a fashion and entertainment blog. I wrote a few 500-word reviews here and there and I was also in charge of producing a monthly feature after interviewing and up-and-coming model. The feature interviews were fun, but I think I only received $25 per article.

The money I earned from freelance writing in college was great for small things on my shopping list for my apartment, one utility bill, the occasional takeout meal, or a fun outing with friends. Looking back, I probably should’ve asked for more money per article or a raise after a while.

Contrary to popular belief, freelance writers have the ability to earn lots of money and some even write full-time for a living. I made around $500 per month at my part-time job during college (if I was lucky). Nowadays, I have a few clients who pay me $500 per month or more for my articles so I definitely could have beat the income from my part-time job if I would have tried to land more clients.

Other Cool Side Hustles College Student Can Try

I’ve only scratched the surface in terms of profitable side hustles for college students. There are so many other opportunities worth trying out and a few of those include:

  • Selling Items Online
  • Taking Surveys
  • Uber Driver
  • DJing
  • Bartender
  • Nightclub Promoter
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Mystery Shopper
  • Photographer
  • Photographer
  • Blogger

Which one of these side hustles would you try?

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