6 Fun Valentine’s Day Activities with Kids

Valentine's Day Activities, valentine's with the kids
Valentine’s Day is marked as a time for romance, but kids like Valentine’s Day as well! After all, they get to exchange Valentine’s with their classmates and receive candy, which is the best part for many kids. My mom always made Valentine’s Day special by giving me a card and a box of chocolates.  If you’re the parent of young kids and you want to make Valentine’s...

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Updates: February 2-8

First off, Jeremy is back with his annual and epic Top Canadian Finance Blogs Poll for 2014. So make sure you visit and vote for your favorite blogs! The Dividend Ninja and Outlier Model would be grateful for your support! You might also be surprised to find out how many of your favorite personal finance blogs are actually written by Canadians. 😉 Also be sure to check out The Financial Bloggers...

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Don’t Let Your Credit Cards Get Out Of Control

Credit Cards Get Out Of Control, credit card debt
Credit cards are incredibly useful – in fact, they are almost a necessity. Just try to buy anything online, book a hotel or buy airline tickets without one, and you’ll quickly realize just how much you depend on them. However, you need to think of a credit card as a way of managing your cash flow over the month, not as a source of credit. If you compare the interest rate on a typical credit card...

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Three Frugal Purchases That Have Saved Us Thousands

Frugal Purchases That Have Saved Us , frugal living
When my husband and I were first married thirteen years ago, we were beyond broke.  We lived in a high cost of living area, I had student loan and credit card debt from college, and we only had one source of income at $35,000 a year.  The Tightwad Gazette was my go to resource for all things frugal. For Christmas that first year, we asked for two products:  a pair of hair clippers and a wooden dowel...

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