2 Cats and one dumb realtor

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Recently, a 2 bedroom and den unit in my condo building sold.  After the sale, the realtor left notices at every unit boasting of how he sold the unit for “more than any other unit” had ever sold for and that he would be happy to “assess” any other units that were thinking of selling. Photo credit: barbourians via flickr I wasn’t very impressed – there aren’t...

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Hey, I got a raise

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I had my first ever annual performance review last week.  I meet with my manager every two weeks, so I didn’t expect there to be any major issues.  I’ve also only been at the job for about 7 months, so there wasn’t too much to talk about…. EXCEPT THE FACT THAT I GOT A RAISE.  Woohoo! Monies!Photo Credit: areasuburn via Flickr I received a raise of about 4.5%, which is pretty...

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Updates: June 1 – 8

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Another week and 32 wines later and I’m in the midst of studying (cramming?) for my wine exam tomorrow. But first, I’ve got to get through a day and half more class! It’s been long enough since I’ve been in school that I’ve somewhat forgotten what it feels like to study every day. I have certainly needed to study! While the concepts are not difficult, there is a lot of...

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Saving money on evening dresses to flatter fuller figures

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This is a guest post. If you’re interested in guest posting with us, read our policy. Evening wear can be some of the most expensive clothing you can buy. If you consider yourself to have a fuller figure then you may be nervous at the prospect of attending an evening function. Part of this relates to the sort of dress you could wear that is flattering for your figure and shape as well as making...

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