Updates: April 7 – 13

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Do you ever have the feeling that you don’t know where the time went? For the past year, I’ve been planning a conference in New Zealand and this week is the week I actually leave! Things have been so busy, but in the way that time speeds up because you’re getting so much done. I’m looking forward to the trip – I travelled to New Zealand with my family when I was 11 and...

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How to transfer your RRSP’s to a brokerage

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Earlier this year, CF wrote about tackling  big goals by breaking them down into smaller tasks. We’ve applied exactly this principle in our quest to transfer our mutual funds to a brokerage, so that we could switch to ETF investing. We’ve really been pushing to get our RRSP investments out of mutual funds due to the high management expense ration (MER) of over 2%. We recently opened an...

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Planning our 2013 Vegetable Garden

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This past week in Vancouver, I broke out a dress for the first time in 2013.  It was a beautiful, warm and sunny day – the kind of day that fools visitors into thinking that Vancouver is bright and cheery all the time.  😉  It reminded me that it is about time to start thinking about gardening again. Our 2012 vegetable garden One mistake that novice gardeners tend to make is to plant incompatible...

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Updates: March 31 – April 6

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Guess what? It’s time for another Davis Cup weekly update! Thanks to Canada beating Spain a few months ago, we’re into the Quarter Finals this weekend. Somehow, Vancouver struck the jackpot again – not only is Canada hosting the tie, it’s in Vancouver again. This time, I didn’t pass up the opportunity to grab tickets. I’ll be heading there tomorrow, and after each...

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