Is an apprenticeship better than a degree?

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This is a guest post. If you’re interested in guest posting with us, read our policy. Growing up is hard. Remember being 18 and struggling to deal with university applications, course selections, and oh yeah, borrowing $10,000 in student loan money?  Yeah, it sucks – so why make it harder?  It’s conventional wisdom that smart kids need to go to college to get the good jobs.  And sure,...

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Where are all the girls in the game industry?

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A recent article in Forbes, written by Gabrielle Toledano, executive vice president and chief talent officer of Electronic Arts, examined the age old question – Where are all the girls in computer science?  In particular, why are there not more girls in the video game industry?  As a software developer and the only full time female developer on my team, it’s an interesting question to...

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Choosing NOT to participate in my employee stock plan

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My current employer offers employees a chance to purchase company stock at a guaranteed discount.  You enrol in 6 month periods and allocate a certain percentage (2% and up) of your salary towards purchasing stock.  While there is a maximum number of stocks that you may purchase at one time (it’s a very high number…), the stocks are yours without restriction and you can sell them at any...

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Updates: Feb 10 – 16

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We like to plan ahead. So much so, we jumped on an excellent Valentines Day sale from KLM and booked flights to Prague! For October. CF and I had been planning a Europe trip for this summer/fall and were waffling between France or the Czech Republic/Eastern Germany. We ended up deciding on Prague because I have to attend a conference in Leipzig at the end of October and with flights on for $850/person...

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