Updates: May 6 – 12

Well, today was a busy one. The day job is getting rather busy, with our annual conference coming up at the beginning of June, so I spent my morning attempting to catch up on a lot of backlogged work. After a quick brunch, CF and I headed downtown to check out the Epic! Sustainable Living Expo. As a long time Eat! Vancouver (what’s with all the ‘!”!) attendee, I was not sure what...

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Starting a new job

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I just started my new job last week and so far, so good.  I’ve spent the week doing lots of reading, lots of software installations, and A LOT effort at staying awake.  (The Starbucks is not nearly as close as I would like!) Starting a new job is fraught with social niceties, tactical maneuvering and carefully masked awkwardness.  You have to learn who to talk to if you have questions, who...

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New job, new budget

new budget, new job, avoiding lifestyle inflation, adjusting
Brian and I are both starting new positions this May.  As a result, we’ve updated our budget!  I mentioned before how it was important for us to avoid lifestyle inflation and I think we’ve done that.  At the same time, we want to give ourselves room to enjoy a small bit of our success.  Our bills and rent stay the same, so there are only a few changes that needed to be made. Original...

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Updates: April 29 – May 5

This week’s update is coming to you live from the Surrey City Centre Library! As CF mentioned earlier in the week, she is volunteering as a human book today. Being the supportive guy I am, I made the trek out for a day of adventure in Surrey. I haven’t been here since the new mall was finished and with the amount of development going on (the library is new and gorgeous) it’s a very...

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