Diamonds in Disguise

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This is a guest post. If you’re interested in guest posting with us, read our policy. People take out personal loans for all kinds of reasons. Some do so to pay for a holiday or go on shopping trips to places like New York. If they’re expats, they may take them out to cover initial expenses while settling in a new country. Some just use them to decorate the house or pay off debts, although this...

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Using a windfall to pay off debt

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When I went to do my weekly banking this week, I got a great surprise – an extra $260 from my previous job had been deposited into my account unexpectedly.  I’m not entirely sure why I got paid, but I suspect it’s retroactive pay due to a salary increase that had been in negotiation while I was an employee at the university.  Woohoo! Photo Credit: Images_of_money via Flickr Any...

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Financial Goals: 2013

Save with Nordstrom Coupons, get a down payment, how to get a downpayment, saving money, saving, money, budgeting, Financial Goals, save money
The start of a new year is a natural point in time to embark on new goals and to review the achievements of the past year.  Last week, Brian and I talked a bit about our net worth.  We’re pretty happy with the numbers on paper, but how did we do in terms of achieving the goals we set back in early 2012?   Photo Credit: Images_of_Money via flickr CF’s Goals Emergency Fund: $2000...

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