Financial Advantages of Spring Cleaning

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Spring is almost here, meaning it may be time to consider a deep cleaning, decluttering, and reorganizing session for your home. Some people may not look forward to spring cleaning but the end results are almost always worth it in the end. Not only will it make your house look ten times better, but there are some financial advantages of spring cleaning to consider as well. Find Money It’s always...

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4 Things you Should Avoid Spending Money On

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Paying your bills are a must. You have certain financial requirements each month that can’t really be compromised or negotiated like your rent, mortgage or utility bills for example. You can however, stop paying for other expenses in your life with the intent to save more. If you’ve been having issues with budgeting, saving, and making ends meet, there are quite a few things you can choose...

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3 Ways to Reduce Expenses When Living in a Big City

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Living in a large city is often associated with spending more money. Ideally, housing seems more expensive in large cities and there’s always so much going on that can prompt you to spend more. Reducing your expenses is one of the best ways to start managing your finances better. You can always earn more of course, but you should start by cutting your expenses down first regardless of where you live...

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Why You Should Buy Used Clothes for Your Kids

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As a parent, I never understood why some people buy expensive name brand clothes for their kids. Children grow extremely fast, and It’s always only a matter of time before they outgrow their current wardrobe and need bigger clothes to wear. I purchase mostly used clothes for my son and even get a few outfits for free each year as hand-me-downs from family and friends. As long as the clothes are clean,...

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