Cheapest Places to Live If You Want to Become Debt Free

If you want to pay off your debt and remain debt free, your living expenses can play a huge role. Personally, I’ve moved to save money before and I could never picture myself living in a super high-cost area because I like to keep my expenses very low. This is the edit to remove. By doing this, I can use more of my money to pay off debt and get my finances in order. I never want to become house...

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5 Things I’m Giving Up to Become Debt Free

I know you’ve probably heard that getting out of debt requires some sacrifice. Getting out of debt will change your life so you have to be willing to make some changes during your journey in order to get there. I’ve made quite a few sacrifices over the past few years in order to get out of debt but I consider them minimal in the grand scheme of things and some of them are only temporary. Here...

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9 Money Moves You Need to Make in Your 20s

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Managing money as a millennial can be a tough task. Sometimes it may feel like you’re starting from the ground up and there’s so much to learn. If anything, here are 9 financial moves to make in your 20s to stay on track with your finances and enjoy the years to come. 1. Pay Off Debt Paying off debt is one of the hardest things to do. Many American families are saddled with debt, and let...

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How to Reduce Your Debt and Save Thousands of Dollars

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When I first started getting serious about improving the way I manage my finances, I started consistently putting hundreds of dollars toward my debt each month. My minimum payment for the car loan I had at the time was $233 and my student loan payment was only $140 per month. Yet and still, I was committed to putting anywhere from $600-900 toward my debt each month. I remember getting when one of my...

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