4 Budgeting Tips For An Inconsistent Income

If you have an inconsistent income, trying to budget effectively can be stressful. I tend to have lots of anxiety in general so when I started earning a fluctuating income last year, my nerves often got the best of me. Freelancers, servers, bartenders and the like all have this in common and it can be hard to plan out what you’ll spend and how you’ll manage your money if you don’t...

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5 Ways You’re at Risk for Identity Theft

It’s the fastest-growing crime in America, and every minute, 19 people fall prey to it. What is it? Identity theft. In addition to the personal violation you feel, identity theft is costly and time-consuming to reverse. It’s fairly easy to prevent identity theft just by changing some of the habits you may not know are putting you at risk. Here are five ways you may be putting yourself...

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