Net Worth Update: January 2013

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The last few months have featured a lot of changes for us. And since Brian and I have added another condo to the mix, I’ve gotten a new job (again), and my student loans have come up for repayment (again), it seemed like a good time to do a net worth check in. I usually do this for myself every other month, but we don’t usually post about it more than a few times a year. I mean, do you guys...

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Fiverr should be called Fourer

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I’ve recently started doing some work on, a small services marketplace that offers people the chance to do odd jobs starting at $5. I first heard about it on My University Money, and after ruminating over it for a few months, decided to give it a try. As a buyer, you pay $5 for a small service. You can browse existing advertisements or you can post your own request and wait for interested...

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Updates: June 24 – 30

Happy Canada Day! The second long weekend of the summer kind of snuck up on me – I think I’ve still been recovering from my big work conference at the beginning of June. One of my favourite things about Canada Day is the number of free events and activities around Vancouver. Specifically, there are a few events we’re likely to check out: Canada Day Celebration at Granville Island...

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Making money is easy… part 2!

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Earlier this month, Brian posted about his casual special events novelty selling gig.   Special events are a great way to add a bit of extra cash since they are infrequent, flexible, and often, fun. Photo Credit: I’ve been picking up some extra cash myself this summer, so here are my ideas: Mystery shopping: I do a few shops a month which nets me around $50...

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