Watching Others Make the Financial Mistakes You’ve Made

Financial Mistakes, struggle with money
I have a friend, Jane, who is in her late 20s.  Jane is working at a job full-time, though she is not earning that much.  She was offered a new position in the same company and would earn $10,000 more, but that job would require her to take on additional duties, which she’s not comfortable with. Jane lives in an apartment that caters to college students, so she has numerous problems with neighbours...

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Updates: September 1 – 7

going back to school, back to school, personal finance blogs, financial blog reads, financial articles
Today I’m doing something I haven’t officially done in 5 years; Go to school. That’s right, I’m taking a continuing studies certificate program at one of the local colleges. After reading Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses post about going back to school, it seems like it’s a topic on a lot of people’s mind. My course is only two terms and has class every Saturday...

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