Updates: June 30 – July 6

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Well, after taking a week off to host our first carnival, it’s back to the updates! We’ve been experience a heat wave in Vancouver which led to some adventures in trying to buy a tower fan. You see, Vancouver doesn’t get very hot all that often, but when it does, everyone seems to go out and buy fans or air conditioners. We’ve discovered that being on the third floor on the...

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Striving towards financial independence

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When I look back at my life, the person I am today did not form out of any single defining event.  I didn’t have an “aha!” moment or an inspirational occurrence that has shaped my existence.  Instead, where I am now is the product of many, many small steps.  Sure, behind those steps are still the driving forces that define me and my personality.  And yet, I can imagine that if...

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Our early retirement plan

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For Brian and I, the big motivator for working hard, paying off our debts and savings gobs of money is the allure of early retirement. Who wants to work forever? I’d rather take advantage of free haircuts, cheap homecooked meals, and even free tax software and put my money to better uses. Sure, there are people who apparently love their jobs so much that they never want to stop, but for us, we...

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