Dealing with condo emergencies

condo emergencies, emergencies, property emergency, broken pipe
It’s Friday and I’m miserable because my leg is in pain and gimped up, its damn cold and now, my condo is leaking.  Yep.  Of course it’s leaking, what else would it do on a Friday afternoon?  I received the email shortly after 1pm.  My helpful tenant remarked that “several litres” of water came out of the ceiling.  All sorts of horror scenarios ran through my head...

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Financial Goals: 2012

Financial Fears, dreams, reality, Financial Goals
Keeping track of your goals gives you a concrete marker to aim for each year. It’s important to do this for yourself, but publishing them here keeps us honest! CF’s goals may change dramatically depending on her employment situation at the end of her degree in April.   CF’s Goals Emergency Fund: $2000 Net Worth: $0 Add $1000 to TFSA. Increase RRSP contribution to at least $100...

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