4 Things I’m NOT Giving Up to Become Debt Free

Last week, I shared 5 things I’m giving up in order to become debt free. This week, I think it’s only fair to share some of the things I’m not giving up while on my debt repayment journey. I only came up with 4 this time so many that mean I’m still better at making sacrifices to pay off my debt 🙂 Even though I really want to get out of debt, I don’t consider it a death...

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6 Financial Habits to Adopt When Paying Off Debt

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Last week, I mentioned 4 reasons why you may not be able to pay off your debt as efficiently as you planned. Being in debt can be frustrating enough, but when you’re not making and progress it can really ruin your mindset. When it comes to paying off debt, mindset and habit are key. It won’t happen overnight, but it will as you commit to good habits. That’s why this week, I want to share some...

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