How to Get the Best Deals on Big Purchases

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Do you plan on making big purchases soon? Are you hoping to find the best deals? Now is the perfect time to start putting away your cash for a large purchase because many stores will be holding fall and holiday sales. But to get the most bang for your buck you should consider a few other tips. These pointers will help you find the best possible combination of deals that will lead to major savings. So...

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8 Cheap Halloween Costumes to Make in Minutes

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It happens every year. You don’t plan to do anything for Halloween. Yet at the last minute you receive an invitation and you need a costume. Costumes happen to be very expensive if bought online or at a party store. And we should all avoid spending a ton of money on an outfit that we’ll only wear for a few hours. So try one of these cheap Halloween costumes that you can make at home in...

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Three Surprising Reasons Destinations Weddings Are the Answer to Tight Budgets

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Getting engaged is awesome… Until you start putting together your wedding budget. Who knew that centerpieces, a DJ, renting a venue, plus booze could be so darn expensive. And then as soon as you post the news on social media everyone and their uncle expects a wedding invite. That honeymoon you always dreamed of sinks further and further down the priority list as you attempt to figure out a way...

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5 Easy Steps to Lowering Your Rent During Lease Renewal

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Don’t you hate when the lease renewal for your rental agreement comes in the mail? It almost certainly brings an increase in rent. And who wants to spend more money on housing? I was a property manager in my past life and I’ve mailed out tons of renewal letters and had tons of renewal conversations. I know from experience that no renewal rate is set in stone. There’s always some room...

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