Deceptively Hidden Travel Fees to Watch Out For

What I am learning as I get older is that the real enjoyment that you get out of a vacation comes more from budgeting and not spending spontaneously. For most American family budgets, only about 2% is allocated for family vacations annually. The average cost for a family of four to go on a vacation is almost $5,000. Most domestic plane tickets cost about $400 while an international plane ticket costs...

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Save Money Shopping Online With These Tips

save money online shopping
Over 80% of Americans shop for all of their purchases online. About 15% of Americans shop online for purchases every single week. In 2015, online shoppers spent over $350 billion in online purchases. That equates to about 10% of all retail commerce. Shoppers who use Apple computers spend an average of $230 per online order, while PC users spend an average of $190. There’s a lot of money shopping...

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Hot and Spicy Garlic Pepper Prawns Recipe

garlic prawns recipe
Weekdays can be the most challenging times to whip up a good and filling dinner, especially when you’re tired from work and your other daily activities. The last thing you’d want to do is to slave away in the kitchen making dinner for you and your family or with your significant other. However, there are easy recipes like this spicy garlic prawns recipe that can provide a great dinner...

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Practical Ways to Cut the Cost of Thanksgiving Dinner

cost of Thanksgiving dinner
For many families and friends, Thanksgiving is a time to gather, catch up, and have a good time over good food. However, if you are the one hosting the Thanksgiving dinner, it can also be a lot of stress, and cause a dent in your finances, especially if you haven’t budgeted for this giant celebration. From grocery shopping to turkey preparation to decorating your abode, the cost of Thanksgiving...

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