Monte Cristo Sandwich Recipe

making a sandwich, Monte Cristo sandwich, sandwich recipe
Have you ever heard of a Monte Cristo sandwich? It sounds fancy, but it’s actually just the union of a ham and cheese sandwich and french toast. This sandwich can be a great lunch box meal for your kids to take to school, an easy lunch you can take to work, or just a quick afternoon snack. Although it’s partially French toast, you don’t have to limit this sandwich to breakfast. It’s...

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Homemade Iced Tea – A Cool Summer Drink

iced tea recipe, homemade iced tea, black iced tea
The summer time is the hottest time of the year. People are finding their own ways to beat the heat yet enjoy summer at the same time. Lounging at the pool, going to the beach or going out to get that ice cream cone. Another way to cool down without busting your budget is to make homemade iced tea. It only has 5 ingredients and has less sugar and has no preservatives that powdered iced teas sell at...

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Crepes with Roasted Vegetables Recipe

Crepes with Roasted Vegetables Recipe
While the idea or making crepes seems intimidating on the surface, they are actually quite easy. Essentially, if you’ve successfully made pancakes, then crepes are right in your wheelhouse. This crepes with roasted vegetables recipe is a savory twist on an often sweet classic. It’s suitable for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and makes a great addition to any brunch.

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