5 Questions to ask when buying a condo

buying a condo, purchasing a property, questions to ask when buying a property, buying a property
As you guys might have noticed, Brian and I are in the condo buying market again.  So I’ve had real estate on my mind and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what I’m looking for in our next condo. Photo Credit: Keoni Cabral via Flickr Why do I want to live here? For me at least, it’s easy to be distracted by a beautiful, well decorated condo.  I often have to remind...

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Dealing with condo emergencies

condo emergencies, emergencies, property emergency, broken pipe
It’s Friday and I’m miserable because my leg is in pain and gimped up, its damn cold and now, my condo is leaking.  Yep.  Of course it’s leaking, what else would it do on a Friday afternoon?  I received the email shortly after 1pm.  My helpful tenant remarked that “several litres” of water came out of the ceiling.  All sorts of horror scenarios ran through my head...

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Mortgage transfer to TD Bank

Mortgage transfer, mortgage, real estate, property
Over the last month, we’ve been going through the process of transferring our mortgage from Vancity to TD Bank. Our five year term with Vancity is not due until 2015, and we pay three months interest in penalty to Vancity for breaking the terms of our mortgage. Why are we doing it? TD was able to offer us a rate that was 0.85% lower than Vancity. When you’re talking about a mortgage worth...

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Landlord tips: Extending the lease

Landlord tips, lease, tenants, renting
Good news! CF and I found out late last week that our tenants have agreed to sign on for another full year. This is great news and ensures that we won’t have to go through the process of finding new tenants for at least another year.   Photo Credit: Jess and Colin (http://www.flickr.com/photos/jessandcolin/2362586545/) Offer another full year As a tenant, when my initial year lease has ended,...

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