5 Types Of Rental Professionals

Owning a rental property can be an excellent business. It serves as your valuable asset and can generate a good income. In other words, it’s a long-term investment that can reap great rewards.  However, like any business, rental property ownership comes with its fair share of challenges. Some of the biggest challenges are overseeing the property and dealing with tenants. This is where rental professionals...

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How to Make Money with Roofstock

  Fintech companies are not only changing the way we do business, but also the way we invest. As more companies turn to technology to improve the delivery of their financial services and make them easier to use, it also creates new investment opportunities. Sectors that once had limited access to only accredited investors, such as real estate, are now widely accessible to everyone. Emerging online...

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To Thine Own Self Be True

Know your limits as an investor
It was Polonius in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet who spoke the words, “To thine own self be true.” There has been some scholarly debate about the meaning of the phrase.  Polonius’ children spoof him in pantomime as he speaks the words. Was it meant to be a joke? Some people tattoo the words on their arms. It seems to have become a credo for people who feel they need to take care of themselves...

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How Does Artwork Affect Real Estate Prices?

Murals are increasing real estate values
  Sixty-four thousand years ago, Neanderthals began carving and painting images on cave walls. Paintings and statues are found in every home and public building today. But, how does artwork affect real estate prices? The Math is Tricky When you ask, “How does artwork affect real estate prices?” It is hard to find specifics. However, real estate agents and developers agree that art improves...

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