Here Are the Salaries of 2 “Essential” Telecommuting Jobs – Apply Now

If a job becomes an identity for an employed person, what happens when mass unemployment becomes the reality? What becomes of identity where there is a severe dearth of jobs? What to do then? Over 40 million Americans have lost their jobs since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. There aren’t many options available now for people looking for work. Especially if you were formerly employed in...

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Best Motorcycle Gloves for Men

It’s all fun and games until you take a tumble. Like most protective gear, quality gloves may seem like a luxury purchase until you actually need them. After sliding off your bike and landing palms first, you’ll realize too late that it pays to have hand and wrist padding and armor. Use this helpful motorcycle glove guide for men to protect your paws and stay comfortable on two wheels.

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Coursera Offering Free Online Courses to the Unemployed Until September

It’s a horrible feeling to feel powerless to effect change in a time when change has been forced onto the planet overnight. There is no future in despair. Yes, there are legitimate reasons to despair nowadays. I won’t lie to your face about it. I am going to talk to you about the merits of taking free online courses, offered by renowned and accredited schools of higher learning, to upgrade skills. You...

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