5 Reasons to Start a Plumbing Business Today

When you are considering opening a new business, you may consider starting a plumbing company. In many ways, this makes perfect sense as the industry recorded more than $107 billion in revenue for 2018. Plus, as someone who is self-employed, you can set your own rules and develop relationships with your customers and suppliers. This gives you some flexibility about your schedule and how your operation...

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Is It Possible to Un-Quit a Job?

Can you un-quit a job?
Leaving a job or handing in your resignation is a huge decision. It’s one that you should make with careful consideration and not in the heat of the moment. However, we are all human and sometimes make choices we wish we could take back. But, what happens if you realize you made a mistake? Is it possible to un-quit a job, or are you stuck with the consequences of making an impulsive decision? Why...

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How I Became a Digital Nomad

How I Became a Digital Nomad
I am not what you would define as your typical 9-to-5 laborer. Although I once tried to find my place in the corporate world, I quickly realized that I wasn’t cut out for an office job. Over the last 15 years, I have pursued higher education and international positions looking for the right career path for me. After several ventures and failures, I discovered the perfect job was right under...

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The Cost of Starting My Own Business

The Cost of Starting Your Own Business
Many of us have thought about starting a business at one time or another. The idea of working for myself has often tempted me to leave unsatisfying jobs and start a new career. However, only a small percentage of people ever act on the urge. In my case, the opportunity was thrust upon me two years ago. With few options and nothing to lose, I dove headfirst into entrepreneurship. This is my story and...

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