How to Set Goals for 2015 When Your Past Resolutions Failed

set goals for 2015, new year resolution, goals for 2015
It’s that time of year again. One holiday down and the other’s are quickly approaching. We’re spending more money than usual on gifts, decor, and entertaining. Our clothes are slowly getting tighter from holiday party food binges. And the closing of another year inspires us to make resolutions. In the back of our minds we’re vowing to take control of our finances, weight, or...

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Four Retirement Planning Tips for Nurses

retirement for nurses, retirement plans, retirement planning, retirement tips, nurse retirement
The healthcare career landscape is evolving, and that includes the nursing profession. Demand for The Modern School Nurse is strong and possibly growing, especially for experienced professionals. As you think about your retirement prospects in the coming years, here are four things to keep in mind. 1. Further Your Training If you haven’t done it already, one key step to taking your nursing career...

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The Advantages of Having a Business Credit Card

Business Credit Card, perks of a business credit card
You don’t have to run a small business to know how quickly work, admin and invoices can stack up. People working for small businesses may have a distinct job title, but in reality they can find themselves assuming an array of roles depending on what needs to be ticked off the to-do list that day. One aspect that can be particularly difficult and time consuming to manage is the financial side of a...

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How to Project a Professional Image Without a Lot of Money

professional image, business attire
Are you among the many millions who work full-time and yet, thanks to pay freezes and increasing expenses like insurance premiums and taxes, find yourself unable to make ends meet?  If so, you’re not alone. Some people have considered starting a side gig.  By working on the side, you can finally have enough money to make ends meet and have a little extra. To have a successful side gig, you’ll...

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