Net Worth of “French Montana”

Net Worth of “French Montana”
Karim Kharbough performs under the name “French Montana.” It’s a nod to the rapper’s French roots and the popular character from the film Scarface, Tony Montana. The net worth of French Montana is $8 million. While he launched his music career in 2002, French Montana didn’t get his first big break until 2009. However, that opportunity was short-lived, and his career ultimately didn’t take...

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Use These 5 Websites to Get the Best Car Deal

Websites for best car deals
Shopping for a car is stressful. After all, you’re going to commit a significant amount of money to the purchase. Most car buyers are hoping to land the best price possible on a quality vehicle. At times, figuring out what is actually a good deal is challenging. Luckily, you have some resources at your disposal. Tamila McDonaldTamila McDonald has worked as a Financial Advisor for the military for...

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How I Saved $10,000 in a Year and You Can Too!

I Saved $10K in A Year
When I used to counsel clients, I would always tell them the importance of saving. Most of them wanted to save, but couldn’t figure out how. I helped them by telling them the story of how I saved $10,000 in a year and how they could, too. Tamila McDonaldTamila McDonald has worked as a Financial Advisor for the military for past 13 years. She has taught Personal Financial classes on every subject...

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Need Credit? Try the Shopping Cart Trick

credit tips, shopping cart trick, working on credit
If you have a less than stellar credit history, getting additional credit can be hard, if not downright impossible. Luckily, there is a technique, known as the Shopping Cart Trick, that can help you obtain credit. The approach avoids a hard pull against your credit report, increasing the odds of approval. Plus, it works with a lot of retailers, allowing you to get a store card at places you usually...

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