How Much Can You Save Annually by Ditching Cartridge for Safety Razors

As part of my cost saving measures this year, much to my chagrin, I have given up my 4-6 week waxing regime and returned to razors. Ugh! I hate it, I swore I would never go back. I love the results of waxing, like love, love. But alas, in an effort to be even more frugal, I gave it up. Who knew that razors had become such a hot commodity. There are the cheap disposable ones, the more robust cartridge...

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It’s a New Year and It’s Time for Some New Money!

I hate to admit it, but I’ve become just the tiniest bit addicted to TikTok. The videos on side hustles and making money vary greatly – some I immediately spot as a scam and some have been pretty convincing. I can literally spend hours there, lost in the videos of creators I follow and discovering new ones. It is pretty interesting how the theme of the video content I am exposed to varies...

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