There’s Never a Right Time

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Another guest post swap for you today! Femme Frugality is a twenty-something-year-old woman who blogs about savings and finances as a student, young adult, mother and Pittsburgher. Head back to her site after you’re finished reading and check out our post! An often asked question when considering to start a family is, “Are we financially prepared?”  In our modern world, people put off...

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Frugal travel tips on the West Coast

Frugal travel tips, travel tips, cheap travel, West Coast, traveling
The following is a guest post from Pauline Paquin, a French girl who has recently started to blog over at Reach Financial Independence. Born and raised in Paris, Pauline blogs about how she has been traveling the world for the past 10 years, while trying to build wealth and achieve financial independence, and how you can follow your dreams and reach your goals too. You can follow Pauline on...

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Managing your debt with consolidated credit

Managing your debt, consolidating credit, debt control
This is a guest post. For more information about the services mentioned in this article, please visit them on Facebook and Twitter. It’s a sad truth that for many people who struggle with financial problems, cutting the cable and making a budget aren’t going to be enough. Don’t get me wrong, these and other money saving tips and frugal tricks will help and provide good habits for...

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Why you should chill out about student finance

student library, student finance, student loan, paying off student loans
This is a guest post from Steve. Steve is an essay writer working for academic essay creation service Best Custom Essay, and provides advice for students not just when it comes to essay writing, but for university life in general. Studying is vital for getting your degree, but student finance is a key issue too, and Steve wants to put students’ minds at ease when it comes to either. Having the financial...

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