How to Create a Zero-Based Budget

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How do you budget? Whether you’re dealing with debt, financially stable or financially independent, almost everyone has to consider how they will spend their hard earned money each month and that is where budgeting comes in. You might have heard financial guru Dave Ramsey praise the idea of having a zero-based budget again and again. The concept of a zero-based or zero-sum budget is simple. You want...

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How to Shop Smart During the Holiday Shopping Season

holiday shopping, smart shopping, seasons shopping
The holiday shopping season is quickly approaching and soon Black Friday ads and deals will be advertised all over. If you budget for holiday shopping and truly need a few items this year, this could be a perfect time to rack up some deals. Here are some tips to help you shop smart this year, have a pleasant experience and get the most bang for your buck. Plan Ahead If you have limited time and a limited...

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